Our residents all share is an interest in deepening our connection to others. Making time in our lives to sit down to share a meal, engaging in conversation and connection, all serve to nourish and expand our capacity to be intimate with life.
  • Single occupancy from $900/month
  • All inclusive meal program for $250/month
Habla Espanol | Nous Parlons Francais | Si parla italiano |
אנחנו מדברים עברית | 我們說廣東話 | Мы говорим на русском
We are a community of over 30 people living in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Rather than coming home to turn off and isolate, we choose to come home to people, laughter and vibrant interactions amongst friends. Lively, curious and inclusive, we welcome residents from all walks of life for any length of stay. Living together nourishes our desire for connection. Our community is comprised of men and women of all ages. Some of us are professionals, some students, some artists. For us, connected living includes:
  • Engaging and Insightful Conversation
  • An organic food program
  • A drug & alcohol-free environment
  • A secular community open to people of all beliefs